2016 (1)

Issued: 11 / 2016
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-8144
190 pages

Editorial , p. 5 (pdf)

Peer‑reviewed studies

“All Arts, Great and Small” Papers Dedicated to Iva Ondřejová on the Occasion of her 70th Birthday

Laudatio (Jan Bouzek), p. 9 (pdf)

Bibliography of Iva Ondřejová, 2004–2014, p. 11 (pdf)

Amber as Jewellery, Status Symbol and Work of Art (Jan Bouzek), p. 13 (pdf)

A Lydian Silver Amphora with Zoomorfic Handles (Athanasios Sideris), p. 19 (pdf)

Egyptian Nocturnal Festival of Lamps in Honour of Athena‑Neith (Květa Smoláriková), p. 27 (pdf)

Vitreae gemmae, volgi anuli. Bagues et intailles méditerranéennes en Bohême à l’époque de La Tène (Jan Kysela), p. 33 (pdf)

Analytical Report on a Selection of Finger‑Rings from Late Iron Age Contexts in Bohemia (Romana Kozáková), p. 68 (pdf)

New Finds of Roman Rings from a Rich Grave in Cemetery III, Rusovce‑Gerulata (Jaroslava Schmidtová – Miroslava Daňová – Alena Šefčáková), p. 83 (pdf)

The Time of Extravagance and a “Crescent‑Shaped Glass Bottle” from the Collection of Classical Antiquities of the National Museum, Prague (Helena Svobodová – Romana Kozáková), p. 100 (pdf)

Ancient Jewellery of Central Asia Influenced by the Greek Adornments of the Classical and Hellenistic Period (Petra Belaňová), p. 111 (pdf)

Perseus as Alter Ego of Ferdinand I (Jan Bažant), p. 127 (pdf)

Antonín Mendl, an Architect in a State of Tension Spanning Antiquity and Modernity (Patrik Líbal), p. 151 (pdf)

Dream of Freedom. Czech Interwar Artists and Classical Mythology (Ivana Kocichová), p. 159 (pdf)

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