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Issued: 01 / 2017
Publisher: Charles University, Faculty of Arts
ISSN: 2336-8144
176 pages

Editorial (Peter Pavúk), p. 5 (pdf)

I. Peer-reviewed studies

Greek and Other Aegean Mercenaries in the Archaic Age: Aristocrats, Common People, or Both? (Liviu Mihail Iancu), p. 9-29 (pdf)

Worshipping Artemis and Hera: The Healing Landscape of Ancient Greece (Michaela Senkova), p. 30-39 (pdf)

To See and to be Seen – the Antonine Wall in the Context of Spatial Analysis (Michal Dyčka), p. 40-66 (pdf)

A Roman Veteran at Tomis. A New Reading of CIL III 7552 = ISM II 199 (Dragoș Hălmagi), p. 67-70 (pdf)

II. Reports

Archaeological Survey in the Surroundings of Kayrit (South Uzbekistan), Preliminary Report for Season 2015 (Ladislav Stančo), p. 73-85 (pdf)

Preliminary Report on the Excavations at Burgut Kurgan in 2015 (Ladislav Stančo – Shapulat Shaydullaev – Julio Bendezu-Sarmiento – Johanna Lhuillier – Jan Kysela – Alisher Shaydullaev – Odiljon Khamidov – Jakub Havlík – Johana Tlustá), p. 86-111 (pdf)

Pottery from Burgut Kurgan and Kayrit Oasis, Preliminary Report for Season 2015 (Johanna Lhuillier), p. 112-121 (pdf)

The Petroglyphs of Pashkhurt Valley in the Surkhan Darya Province (South Uzbekistan) – Preliminary Report (Anna Augustinová – Ladislav Stančo), p. 122-138 (pdf)

Doctoral Theses Defended at the Institute of Classical Archaeology, 2005–2015 (var), p. 139-150 (pdf)

Activities of the Institute of Classical Archaeology, Charles University, 2015 (var), p. 151-161 (pdf)

PLATES (pdf)

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