2016 (1)

Issued: 06 / 2016
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-8144
190 pages
(Peter Pavúk), p. 5
Peer‑reviewed studies

“All Arts, Great and Small” Papers Dedicated to Iva Ondřejová on the Occasion of her 70th Birthday

(Jan Bouzek), p. 9
Bibliography of Iva Ondřejová, 2004–2014
p. 10-12
Amber as Jewellery, Status Symbol and Work of Art
(Jan Bouzek), p. 13-18
A Lydian Silver Amphora with Zoomorfic Handles
(Athanasios Sideris), p. 19-26
Egyptian Nocturnal Festival of Lamps in Honour of Athena‑Neith
(Květa Smoláriková), p. 27-32
Vitreae gemmae, volgi anuli. Bagues et intailles méditerranéennes en Bohême à l’époque de La Tène
(Jan Kysela), p. 33-67
Analytical Report on a Selection of Finger‑Rings from Late Iron Age Contexts in Bohemia
(Romana Kozáková), p. 68-82
New Finds of Roman Rings from a Rich Grave in Cemetery III, Rusovce‑Gerulata
(Jaroslava Schmidtová – Miroslava Daňová – Alena Šefčáková), p. 83-99
The Time of Extravagance and a “Crescent‑Shaped Glass Bottle” from the Collection of Classical Antiquities of the National Museum, Prague
(Helena Svobodová – Romana Kozáková), p. 100-110
Ancient Jewellery of Central Asia Influenced by the Greek Adornments of the Classical and Hellenistic Period
(Petra Belaňová), p. 111-126
Perseus as Alter Ego of Ferdinand I
(Jan Bažant), p. 127-150
Antonín Mendl, an Architect in a State of Tension Spanning Antiquity and Modernity
(Patrik Líbal), p. 151-158
Dream of Freedom. Czech Interwar Artists and Classical Mythology
(Ivana Kocichová), p. 159-170
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