2018 (2)

Issued: 12 / 2018
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336-8144
178 pages
Peter Pavúk, p. 5-5
I. Peer‑reviewed studies
The Sacral Knot and Its Iconographic Use
Monika Matoušková, p. 9-31
Late Bronze Age Settlement History of Emporio on Chios Reconsidered
Kristina Jarošová, p. 32-51
‘A Marriage of the Aegean and the Orient’. Bronzes of the Siana Group Reconsidered
Miloš Roháček, p. 52-82
Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Pottery in the Upper Thracian Plain, Tundzha Valley and the Burgas Lowland, Bulgaria – Diversity, Technology and Distribution
Rositsa Hristova, p. 83-118
II. Reports
Kyzyl Gul – The Relicts of an Abandoned Village in Kugitang Piedmont (South Uzbekistan)
Anna Augustinová – Petr Mach – Petra Cejnarová
p. 121-146
Kurgans of the Eastern Kugitang Piedmonts. Preliminary Report for Season 2018
Jakub Havlík – Hana Havlíková – Ladislav Stančo
p. 147-172
Pl. 1/1 – Pl. 1/4
p. 175-177
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